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Bikram Yoga Lovers

Love Bikram Yoga? Get a complete buzz off enduring that hour and a half of intense heat stretching series'? Love the effects Bikram has on the mind, body and soul? we do too!!

Join other Bikram yoga lovers and share tips, ask questions and share the sparkling results of your hard work!

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Jenn B Bikram Yoga Lovers Tribe

Contributorgold Jenn B I'm soooo pumped! I live in a small town and Tuesday nights are my favorite, only because of my 2 hour Yoga class. It's a little group of the same ladies every week and the instructor drives a half hour just to be here for us. Doing yoga by yourself is great, but with a group the energy is amazing and I notice I focus more on my form and breathing. Happy Day All....Namaste :o)


Happy day Jenn. I wish I had the same opportunity. I had arranged the yoga instructor to come to my building once and 3 people turned up so it wasn't worth his trip and he didn't come back ;-( I think it is hard to convince people who haven't done yoga before to enjoy the benefits of it. I do prefer group session too. It is more fun than doing it alone.


Yeah, the 2 hour sessions scare a lot of people away, but it flies for me and I'm bummed when its over. I've done a lot of different classes over the years, but this one is fantastic.

encouraged this.

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Shawn T Bikram Yoga Lovers Tribe

Shawn T How encouraging to see all these posts. I recently set up my very small spare room with a heater, mirror, mat and even bought a very small humidifier. I also got an app for my iPad called yoga doctor to do Bikram classes. Yay right? Not quite......I've done one 30min session and humidifier is still in the box! But now I feel like I have some support, thank you. Bikram classes in my neck of the woods are $18!!! Too steep for this single mom. I used to clean the studio in exchange for classes, which is a great deal, but that gets old after 3 years.

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Cags R Bikram Yoga Lovers Tribe

@meghanl - nice one on getting to the studio so often, it's pretty expensive to practice in London but I did really enjoy going when I had a pass for 20 days! 

So you find the heat in the studio and the cold outside messes you up a bit? I think m...

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