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Blueprints for Success

We are all different. What works for one doesn't always work for another.

But we all have a Blueprint for Success. It's what works for us personally.

Share your stories, your thoughts and feelings about what works or doesn't work for you.

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Terry G Blueprints for Success Tribe

Communicatorsilver Terry G replied to the topic Back, Knee or Ankle Pain?

Thank you Brian. 

The beauty of the internet is access to all kinds of information.  A hazard of the internet is access to all kinds of information as well.

There are professionally trained people available to help pinpoint what's causing ou...

Terry G Blueprints for Success Tribe

Communicatorsilver Terry G replied to the topic Back, Knee or Ankle Pain?

Thank you for sharing Barbara.  I've read about issues with feet and getting the right shoes.  I went and got shoes that were supposed to be better for me.  I have flat feet too.  I may have to try insoles as well.  I'll keep up the hip exerci...

Terry G Blueprints for Success Tribe

A friend of mine sent me this link.

I've endured what seems to be Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), or runner's knee. I've tried a few things to make it better with no real success. I walk and run and s...

Terry G Blueprints for Success Tribe

Contributorgold Terry G I found this Tribesport post

It was timely. I don't enjoy going to the doctor. But I'm almost always pleased with the outcome. You would think I would learn. :P

I had some basic health tests run for work. It will provide a discount on the health insurance (Do I miss living in Canada?). Reading the above article made me happy, especially when I calculated the ratios.

My numbers are all in the "optimal or normal range".

My HDL / cholesterol ratio is .38

My Triglyceride / HDL ratio is 1.95.

Considering my father was obese, suffered 2 heart attacks and died of an enlarged heart, I'm pretty happy with those numbers. support the fact that eggs are not 'bad' for you, I've been eating two eggs everyday for the last 2 months. Prior to that it was at least one egg a day, often two since I've been on Tribsports, which is 10 months now. I'd say as long as you eat healthy (in my case that's mostly organic, very llitle processed, no gluten, no dairy, plenty of fruits and vegetables and meat) PLUS live as active a lifestyle as possible, then all is good.

But this is my body. Your body is yours and will react or not react to the same stimuli in it's own way.

Know your body!!!

There is no magic solution for everyone. But I believe there is a definite blueprint for success for all of us. It's just a matter of figuring that out.

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