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Body Ink

Body Art is one of the oldest forms of enhancing ones physique. Show of your tattoos in this tribe.

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Bethany Megan W Body Ink Tribe

Contributorgold Bethany Megan W Oooo tattooo Tribe.

Thought I would join and post pictures of my tattoos.

Will be getting one of a elephant soon :)

20140619134111-10275984_796621147029272_8640744707597932753_n 20140619134118-imag0727-1

I love your morse code tattoo... does your upcoming elephant tattoo have any special meaning?

Bethany Megan W encouraged this.


Nope that one doesn't, was debating having my earth element instead of the elephant.

Hope L encouraged this.

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Jarod C Body Ink Tribe

I never took time off after getting my tattoo.  I made sure I followed my artist's directions to keep from getting infection.  But again it depends on the location...if it is in a high friction area probably want to...

Helen L Body Ink Tribe

I guess it depends on where your tattoo is and what training you are doing. My last tattoo was on my lower leg and I was back in the gym spinning and lifting weights the next day. Swimming of course would have been a...

Amber B Body Ink Tribe

Contributorgold Amber B Tat #9... my friend in Charleston and I decided that this fit us perfectly. She's going to get the same thing soon. And I got a couple of the others touched up the same day =)

20140405210714-img_20140315_004656 20140405210721-img_20140315_005325

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Dee  Body Ink Tribe

Contributorgold Dee I designed this in dedication for my father


Oh, well their both very beautiful. :) You and your daughters. :)

Amber B and Dave H encouraged this.

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