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Love bodybuilding being doing weight training for 10years now and started bodybuilding in October '11 and still doing it, Any weight training and bodybuilding lovers join get a good conversation going and lets start something!

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Dave W Bodybuilding  Tribe

I agree with Dwight; inverted rows is a great idea, especially after a back workout. After so much rowing and lat work, you could possibly also try upright rows? I prefer EZ bar version, but dumbbells work well to wo...

Dwight W Bodybuilding  Tribe

I think one of your best bets would be to use the suspension training straps (TRX). By anchoring them slightly above your height, grasping the handles and leaning back a bit you can easily duplicate the movement of t...

Loretta A Bodybuilding  Tribe

Had to wait ages for the machine to be free today and would like an alternative that hits the same muscles. It has to fit into my workout which looks likes this: 1. Lat pulldown 2. Barbell rows 3. Machine rows 4. Good mornings 5. Cable fac...

Kara A Bodybuilding  Tribe

Sports-iqgold Kara A answered the question Posing Music

Just got back from a quilt show over the weekend.  Sorry for the delay in answer.  Wonderful that your daughter's old dance teacher would help.  Take full advantage of that.  The one thing I noticed though is that th...

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