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Are you pumped about BodyPump? Do you get excited every time a new release comes out? Are you a fan of "The Rep Effect"? Join the BodyPump Tribe to swap tips on form and weight selection, discuss new releases and tracks and anything else related to the "most popular group fitness class in the world"!

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Bella M BodyPump Tribe

Contributorsilver Bella M Pump this morning, she changed the tracks up a lot so I did a bunch I've never done before...nice to get variety!

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Alana D BodyPump Tribe

Alana D replied to the topic BodyPump 81

I didn't like this track at first. But, we typically do a release for 3 weeks solid before our instructions start mixing in older releases again.  Towards the end of the 3rd week, I was sad.  We do the alternative Bicept, which is great! I really...

Alana D BodyPump Tribe

Alana D replied to the topic Weight selections...

Hiya!  I've been going to Pump for (off-and-on) about 4 years now. I looove it, and it is ALWAYS the reason I go back to the gym (for those off times).  All of the following refers to both sides.

Warm-up - One medium (2.5k), and one or two smalls...

Jim L BodyPump Tribe

Jim L replied to the topic Weight selections...

i only started bodypump a few weeks ago,on the advice (pestering) of a female member of my gym..ive done weights/martial arts for years,but im always up to try something new..ive found out setting up a couple of bars,one with 30kg on it,and one wi...

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Ben M BodyPump Tribe

Ben M replied to the topic BodyPump 81

Have been doing this release for a couple of weeks now and here are my thoughts so far…

Squats – It really doesn’t let up does it? I can still feel those bottom halves. Great song choice, on a par with 78′s Beautiful Monster for me.

Chest – ki...

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