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Holly W Bouldering Tribe

Seen as your a guy and most guys at the start reley on upper body stength and height, my advice would be don't forget you have legs!! It's really hard to learn techneique at first but to learn to use your legs more...

Ramon F Bouldering Tribe

I'd suggest heading to one of the indoor climbing gyms first to learn the ropes (pun intended). Once you hang out there enough you will probably make a bunch of new friends who climb and after a while can start to he...

Alex U Bouldering Tribe

Contributorgold Alex U Hi everyone, I've only recently starting bouldering but I love it! I have been climbing V0 and V1 problems from my first time, and I tend to manage the V1 problems at the first time of asking. I've had a couple of attempts at a few different V2 problems but I could hardly even start them! How soon do people generally move on to more advanced routes? Am I trying to advance too quickly?

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I just worry I'm risking injury, but I'm pushing myself as far as I can without getting too frustrated!


So far I've not had too much trouble with my hands. I work for the electricity board and spend my days outdoors, whatever the weather, dragging and mauling big mains cables so my hands are fairly tough after all these years haha What do you mean by dynamic stretching? When I go bouldering I tend to stretch off for a couple of minutes then have a quick clamber around the traverse (kiddie) wall. Not on specific problems just a general sort of climb until I reach the other side. Maybe I should incorporate a small jog as well beforehand to raise heart rate?

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John K Bouldering Tribe

Contributorsilver John K anyone going to crush some project this weekend? anyone use to check out routes and scout out future projects? I am heading to rogers park, near Belton Tx. crawl on some limestone pretty stoked. :)

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Deborah W Bouldering Tribe

Coachbronze Deborah W created the guide Getting started

Forget the hassle of slipping on chunks of ropes and a tangled assortment of harnesses. Bouldering is a great climbing sport where you can have unlimited vertical with very little equipment.

Now that the sport is catching on, bouldering walls c...

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