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Boxing - Bag work and sparring

If you are a boxer, box in the gym, like to spar or do a bit of bag work to keep in shape, joing this Tribe and share tips, advice and training regimes to help each other out!

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Nick S Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

Of course it's possible.  Anything is possible.  As long as as you're not up against Evander Holyfield.  10Kg weight loss in 10 weeks though is possible but it will proably leave you tired as that's 2.2llbs a week wh...

Adrian K Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

Just scale your training accordingly then taper off a week or so before the contest. How many rounds are you going for? What is the standard? You are much more likely to get your ass handed to you if you train too li...

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Smithy . Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

I'm not a boxer but my advise would be exercise little and begin with anyway. Try and build exercise into your daily/weekly routine....commuting etc. Also better to train with others so a regular club meet...

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Killian W Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

Have been in army for 22 years and won 2 army titles at middle weight and welter. Trouble is that was 1992 and 93. This charity event is a good cause plus it will get me back my long lost motivation to get in shape. (oh and i miss the buzz of the...

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Aj  B Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

Aj B Hi everyone may I just ask if u know something about rotator cuff injuries..I got injured 4 months ago and had like 2 mnths rest and started training boxing again I thought it was healed but when I sparred yesterday my rotator cuff started hurting again so bad that I have to stop sparring after 3 rounds, I don't know what to do bout it do I need to quit boxing?which I don't want to do but it's just frustating..any advice please?

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Dot B Boxing - Bag work and sparring Tribe

Hi Panama  Thank you for your avice I will definately increase my reps of push ups, I like the Geoff Thompson training idea, that could work quite well to, I can even do it with my injured ankle!! Sweet!! I think ...

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