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casual runners

This is a tribe for people who like to go on casual jogs, just to run. Running for the sake of running. Just leaving, and not turning around until you cant breathe anymore. But casually.

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Deanna C casual runners Tribe

Contributorbronze Deanna C I have always enjoyed running, but am looking for a great pair of shoes that will help support me as well as make sure my knees don't hurt.... any advice on shoes?

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You may want to have your knees assessed if they are giving you grief. If there is postural, structural of fascial abnormality, it may make your knees worse in the long run (so to speak) and may make things worse. Also, if there is a "Fleet Feet" shoe store near you, they are the best at helping you find the perfect shoe for you. Good luck!

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31st March 2013



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