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Celtic Connections

A tribe for people living in Celtic lands (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany) or who have an affinity with the Celts. Supporters of Celtic sports clubs and Celtic music are also most welcome.

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Stephen C Celtic Connections  Tribe

My mother is Scottish so we share a common heritage. I miss Scotland it is hauntingly beautiful, uncompromising weather which can be harsh but the people have a warmth to rival that of the Irish. Ruggedly beautiful it is a place to be treasure...

Smithy . Celtic Connections  Tribe

Contributorgold Smithy . Very proud of my Celtic Connection - Born in Truro, Cornwall makes me Cornish first; British second...don't really consider myself English but in law I guess I am. KERNOW BYS VYKEN!

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Heather A Celtic Connections  Tribe

I felt I was Irish before I found out (5 years ago) that my heritage was Irish.  I am Canadian but my British family kept it a secret...such nonsense.  But I am proud of all of my Celtic heritage.  I've been all over England but would love to visi...

Kirsten M Celtic Connections  Tribe

Contributorgold Kirsten M One of Scotland's tallest landmarks went down last night so we went up the hill behind the farm to watch complete with a 21 year old malt in the back pack amazing yet somehow quite sad! Inverkip Power Station!

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You need to put it on your home page or a Tribe page where it says 'post photos' at the top and then add the name so it comes through as a notification to the person you want to see it or persons @teenymac - that lets me tell you!

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Kirsten M Celtic Connections  Tribe

Feasgar math s'mise Kirsten agus tha mi an tuanach ann an Alba! tha mi ag ionsagach Gaelic, chan eil me fileanta thast!

Good evening I am Kirsten a farmer and I live in Scotland, I have a little Gaelic but learning more And I'm not fluent yet!

Kirsten M Celtic Connections  Tribe

Contributorgold Kirsten M Hope to see some of you Celts coming to support our run or walks or horse riding or mountain biking events! We love this festival and have 10years under our belt come and join us!

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18th February 2013



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