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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Have you tried clay pigeon shooting? Know a great range to go shooting. Got any tips for getting your eye in on a 25/25, or the best way to hit a rabbit target? Join our Tribe and let us know your secrets!

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Phil T Clay Pigeon Shooting Tribe

Keep the shotgun but tight to your shoulder, it's gonna ache the next day anyway, but the recoil will smart a bit unless it's firmly against your shoulder.  As for hitting the clays, the closer they are, the easier t...

Andrew M Clay Pigeon Shooting Tribe

Contributorgold Andrew M I did this once in Wales for a stag weekend and really enjoyed it. It's strange how, when you're wearing ear protectors to muffle the sound, it doesn't feel like you're firing a real gun. I'd be keen to try it again. Does anyone know anywhere near London where I can?

Steve R encouraged this.


Ear protectors are for wusses - do it the Yorkshire way (which incidentally involves a clay pigeon trap round the back of parents house, a couple of my dad's shotguns and accomodating neighbours)


Did you ever shoot up that old car in the end?


No - my dad took it to the scrap-heap before I could ;o(

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Emma M Clay Pigeon Shooting Tribe

Emma M Complete newbie would love to give it a go, never fired a gun before let alone shot a moving target would be great if anyone had an tips on how to get involved and any good places around London/Essex that offer lessons...

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