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Coffee (or Tea) and TS

Forget the Times, the Post, the care what's going on in the world, but you are more interested in what's going on in the Tribesports world. With your morning beverage you are inquiring about who has taken or completed which challenge, what level your fellow TS'ers have achieved, who's following and/or encouraging who, and looking at the pictures. You're not a Tribesports fanatic much, are you????

This Tribe is for those of us who check the Tribesports site FTITM (first thing in the morning) with their beverage of choice.

Have Fun!

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Alexandra M Coffee (or Tea) and TS Tribe

Contributorgold Alexandra M Reporting how addicting TS challenges are! Good Stuff!


feeling better by the day ! Challenges are really good for awareness and taking action on goals ! ! much love Tribe Sports friends !!

M J D encouraged this.

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Loretta A Coffee (or Tea) and TS Tribe

Hi Kevin, I heard about bulletproof coffee a good while ago via a friend who had a Crossfit box.  It seems to be very popular for all the reasons outlines above.  Since then I've seen a few articles on fb and thought I try it myself.  You are righ...

Kevin G Coffee (or Tea) and TS Tribe

Interested as to how you found out about this in the first place.

are you using bulletproof coffee or another brand, I am guessing Keryygold and then normal coconut oil or 12 proof strength MCT?

never heard of it, and am interested to here wheth...

Loretta A Coffee (or Tea) and TS Tribe

I found more info that I would like to share:

Not all coffee is created equal.  The wrong coffee will sap your energy and leave you feeling lethargic and irritable.  This is the main reason people believe they don’t tolerate coffee.  It’s not cof...

Loretta A Coffee (or Tea) and TS Tribe

I drank my first cup of bulletproof coffee this morning and although it is absolutely delicious, I am wondering whether the health benefits are fact or fiction and would like to hear from other TS members. 

Here is an article about bulletpr...

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9th June 2012



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