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Commuter Cyclist Ranting

Bendy bus cut you up this morning? BMW driver undercut you? The slow cyclist you just overtook, cut in front of you at the lights, as if they're Lance Armstrong - only for you to have to go round them again? Pot hole buckled your wheel? Puncture half way between home and work? Unforecast rain drenched you and your laptop?

Use this Tribe to rant and vent your anger from the morning commute - and if you know details - name and shame people!

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Cags R Commuter Cyclist Ranting Tribe

I'd disagree (may be a London thing) on the stereotype of the jerk - the lycra and fast bike usual accompanies a MAMIL (middle-aged-man-in-lycra) who is not about to wreck his carbon forks on a pot hole - I find that the guys who take more risks t...

Lavinia I Commuter Cyclist Ranting Tribe

I thought the whole article was written light-heartedly: I didn't actually perceive any bitterness, so the purpose of posting it could be summarized as "for fun" - I have to admit that the "unsuspecting chihuahuas" was my first clue. The author's...

Dave W Commuter Cyclist Ranting Tribe

The opening statement is a quote, hence quotation marks, which is in the article you chose not to read that talks about behaviour....

I have no strong opinion either way, but I think refering to someones opinion as 'bo!!0x' is not the best way to...

Lavinia I Commuter Cyclist Ranting Tribe

"You know the type. With their Lycra shorts, fast bikes, and sculpted calves, most people see these cyclists as menaces, prone to causing accidents with their unpredictable movements, and destined to run over elderly pedestrians or unsuspecting ch...

Cags R Commuter Cyclist Ranting Tribe

Contributorgold Cags R Cycle casualty map in London - I pass through Elephant & Castle and Shoreditch on a daily basis!


Jonathan H and Sean W encouraged this.


where were you when you smashed into the car the other day?


That was on the Brixton Road, doesn't even make it on the map!

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5th January 2011



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