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Couch to 5K

This is a tribe for people who have successfully completed the Couch to 5K program, have just started it, or are contemplating starting. Tell your success stories, ask questions, share tips or simply encourage others who are new to running.

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Jenn B Couch to 5K Tribe

Contributorgold Jenn B A friend of mine actually used the app "Couch to 5k" and completed her first race with me this summer. The finish line was very emotional for her and I'm grateful to have shared the moment with her. Everyone starting out should use this app. There is also a 5k to 10k that is really good.


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Julie T Couch to 5K Tribe

Julie T I have found your website recently and is pretty encouraging. I have downloaded 5k runmeter on my phone. It is a 10 week training for coach to 5 k (as well as 10k, half and full marathons). It also tracks all sorts of other activities. I am 42 years old and have never ran in my life:). I have started my 5 k training. I am on week 2 and find it difficult to push myself to get out there 3 times a week but once I am out there I feel great and the sense of accomplishment and pride feels even better. If I can do it anyone can:)

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That's great encouragement!! I'm just starting out on this program, after being a hermit for far too long and suffering from agoraphobia. See you posted this 4 months ago - how's it going??

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Kevin G Couch to 5K Tribe

these plans are good to follow and i do know several others who are doing various couch to 5km programmes. I admire, understand and remember how hard the actual starting is, persevere, enjoy and you will succeed. If you have any questions, jus...

Vanessa M Couch to 5K Tribe

I've actually just found an 8 week podcast, called couch to 5k.  Just about to start week 3 tomorrow.  It's good so far, am enjoying it.  You do 3 runs a week mixing brisk walking and running and each week you run further and walk less.  Am really...

Kevin G Couch to 5K Tribe

WEEK WORKOUT  1 Mon: walk 2 min., run 1 min. (7x) = 21 min.  Wed: walk 2 min., run 2 min. (6x) = 24 min.  Fri: walk 2 min., run 3 min. (5x) = 25 min.  2 Mon: walk 1 min., run 3 min. (7x) = 28 min.  Wed: walk 1 min., run 4 min. (5x) = 25 min.  Fri...

Kevin G Couch to 5K Tribe

I would strongly suggest that you have a look at the 'walking to Running' challenge which I know someone else has just started to take. This is a typical walk / run plan, is progressive and defines each and every training session. 

You do like wa...

Kevin G Couch to 5K Tribe

I started off using a couch to 5k program, got well and truly bit by the running bug at the tender age of 51 lol, and have run 1 marathon and 25 half marathon distances since. I have qualified as a Leader in Running FItness now and like to help ot...

Sam A Couch to 5K Tribe

Sam A answered the question Training Tips?

If you've got some basic fitness, couch to 5k will be easy. I did the same last year. Where I live we have a 5k parkrun every saturday morning so I just kept rocking up to that. For the first few weeks, I walked alot...

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Carla R Couch to 5K Tribe

Contributorbronze Carla R New to running and to the Tribe! I signed myself up for my first 5K ever. Let's start over and JUST started trying to run. I am very excited and know that I can do it.

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Kendra A Couch to 5K Tribe

Kendra A I have always wanted to run but shame, laziness, time, were my excuses for not doing it, well here I am today almost into week 5 of my program I am so freaking proud of myself. The next 5k I participate in will be in June I will run that whole thing if it kills me! :)

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