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Cross Country Runners...

Love Cross Counrty Running? Love the energising feeling of tackling mud hills and interclub rivalry.
Join other runners, share tips and ask questions. Whether you are in it too win it or just enjoy puffing round at the back!!
Even if you have never tried it before, get tips here and give it a go, we guarantee you won't look back!!

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Noel B Cross Country Runners... Tribe

Contributorsilver Noel B Hey you guys, I used to be a Cross Country Runner back in high school, went to college, metabolism pretty much stopped, and I gained a ton of weight. Now hoping to get back into distance running/outdoor fitness again! Just started up the ab + squat 30 day challenge, but after I'm done, I'm trying to get into running again! As well as maybe some gymnastics basics (handstand) Just looking for support with strangers on the internet. it's casual. hahaha

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Lizzie D Cross Country Runners... Tribe

Heya everyone :), cross country running has always been my favourite kind of running. I find it hard and challenging but I worry less about the damage to my joints, and it can be so much more interesting! I live near a large amount of farms so run...

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Mark P Cross Country Runners... Tribe

Communicatorbronze Mark P replied to the topic BULLS!!!!

I have had a similar incident where around 20 cows started approaching me at speed - i did a similar thing where I tried to stay calm and keep facing them so I wouldnt get butted and got out of the field ASAP. I was a bit shacken, mainly due to th...

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Mark P Cross Country Runners... Tribe

Communicatorbronze Mark P replied to the topic WINNING

Unfortunately not in a x country event. I have managed it at some 5k parkruns. Generally i place quite well but sadly a win is a long way off.

I have managed to come last in a x country race though.. it was an international so i was up against th...

Niko R Cross Country Runners... Tribe

Niko R replied to the topic WINNING

WOW! haha where did you go? Right now I'm in a department of defense school in Turkey, which means that during the regular season, I've only raced against one other school. But I've gotten first place every race haha, and in the european champions...

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