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Enjoy combining weight training, powerlifting, kettlebells and plyometrics in a high intense workout? Look forward to pushing yourself to your limits and developing yourself in terms of strength and conditioning? Or just enjoy putting something new and exciting into your training program? Join the CrossFit tribe and share routines, swap ideas and lay down challenges to complete!

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Shawn S CrossFit  Tribe

Contributorgold Shawn S OK it has been quite awhile since I have done Crossfit. The reason I stopped is because of my work hours and my extremely busy schedule I find it almost impossible to make it in to my local box. I have been doing some research on body weight cross fit WOD's and I think I am ready to start hammering it out again. Does anyone who does Crossfit out there have designs to make a light weight box for box jumps that is easily adjustable so that I can adjust the height?

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Geir L CrossFit  Tribe

Contributorgold Geir L Ripped my hand during deadlifts today ... All in :-D

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Battle Scars! Ouch:( My hands are a mess now that I am back to weights. I don't like wearing gloves for some reason. Not attractive on a female. My boyfriend bought me nice gloves for my birthday last year that actually fit my "man hands" and I barely wear them. Must wear them...must wear them...


You should wear the gloves since you got them ... not attractive ?? A girl who lifts is always attractive gloves or no gloves :-D Alternative is lifting straps which works well too ... I use gloves from time to time and especially on ropes and such :-) Just Use Them :-)

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Yes sir, I will wear them:) lol I just checked and I have callouses like mad. My boyfriend says the same about a woman lifting. He is crazy and will say things like my concentration while lifting is attractive. Since it might just be me in pain, it could be slightly twisted. ha ha For the most part I don't mind the hands, except when I have to shake hands with someone!

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Geir L CrossFit  Tribe

Contributorgold Geir L Kettlebells in all the colours for our new box :-)

20140425174311-wp_20140424_011 20140425174413-instagramcapture_de1ab10d-0d44-4259-a0dd-aa0ff5ebb9e8_jpg 20140425174727-wp_20140424_009

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Lance T CrossFit  Tribe

Lance T replied to the topic Garage Crossfit

Hi Ezan, just found this post so I thought I'd chime in.  I've done crossfit in my basement and garage for the past two years.  I did workout at an affiliate for a while but the closest one to my house is about 25 miles away so the cost of gas was...

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Rikard F CrossFit  Tribe

Rikard F Somebody who knows how to log a CrossFit session here on TribeSports?

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It's a challenge because many crossfit exercises is not available in the list of exercises .... I usually try to find something that is similar in execution and/or technique and workload !

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Ryan K CrossFit  Tribe

Hello from Alabama! Found this site and app and love it. Started doing crossfit workouts about 2+months ago. Haven't been able to join a gym because I'm out of town for work a lot. It's def tough doing it by yourself, but try to push it as hard as...

Tom G CrossFit  Tribe

Contributorsilver Tom G I guess I have always been a little worried about injury with crossfit. It appears to be high intensity and I worry about joints with the explosive movements. I guess there are different levels? Do they do any rehab focus to strengthen supporting muscles to help you get fully into it?


Yes you can always scale movements to work within your current fitness level :-)

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