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Cycletta is a series of women only bike races. They are all set in stunning, family friendly venues. In 2012 there will be seven events around the UK featuring routes ranging from 40km to 80km.

The Cycletta tribe is the go to place for training tips, guides and nutrition advice before, during and after the race. You can share your experiences with fellow Cycletta competitors and take more cycling challenges!

Best of Luck Girls!!!

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Ben W Cycletta Tribe

Ben W responded to the guide Drink, Drink, Drink!

I second this, last year I suffered with heat exhaustion (think I also had an underlying virus), fortunately I was riding with some friends and had 2 x 750ml bottles with me and had refilled both during the ride. I got very ill (luckily close to h...

James  Y Cycletta Tribe

James Y created the guide Get prepared

The key to enjoying your first road cycling event is to be prepared, try and cycle as close to the distance required before the event.  This helps you kick the nerves on the big day, understand how drinking and eating effects your energy is also v...

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James  Y Cycletta Tribe

James Y created the guide Be safe and signal

This is a really simple one but you would be amazed how people behave when they are riding in a group.  Remember to stay safe, obey the rules of the road and signal early to make sure the ride behind you is aware of you intentions.

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James  Y Cycletta Tribe

James Y answered the question What should I wear?

The key is to be prepared, make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are cycling in and that you have ridden in those shorts before.   Nothing worse than getting a surprise 10 miles in to the ride and find things...

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16th April 2012



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