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Cycling - All types

A tribe to share and discuss all forms of cycling. Whatever type of cycling you love this is the tribe for you!

Cycling is widely regarded as a very effective and efficient mode of transportation optimal for short to moderate distances. Bicycles provide numerous benefits by comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise necessarily involved in cycling, that cycling involves a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier parking, greater maneuverability, and access to both roads and paths.

The advantages also include reduced financial cost to the user as well as its great FUN!

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Alex D Cycling - All types Tribe

Hi All, I am about to finish work (as my family are selling our family business) and I am going to go to college and then on to Uni -0 at 40 years old quite a leap. Very excited. Although college is only 0.9miles from home so I shall walk, I am...

Kevin G Cycling - All types Tribe

Favourite NO only YES, I have to do my cycling on a spinning bike at the gym, sadly I live on the top floor of a flat, with no space or storage capability for a bike. 1,000 km later, I have tried every bike in the ro...

Loretta A Cycling - All types Tribe

Love to cycle in the Alps (Austria or Germany).  Love to see new places on holiday and be active at the same time.  We've been doing cycling tours now for the past 5 years and already booked this year's: 5 days cycli...

Brad N Cycling - All types Tribe

I think this would depend on my mood? Sometimes it is great to explore a new route, see new things, and be tested in a new way! And there is also a lot of joy to be found in the tried and true routes, where you know e...

Lavinia I Cycling - All types Tribe

Communicatorsilver Lavinia I created the topic Virtual cycling races

I couldn't find many virtual bike races... there's definitely a relative scarcity compared to virtual runs.

Monthly races from the US Road Cycling - link to the January race(s).

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10th May 2013



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