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There has always been misconception about food when it comes to fat. These are considered as enemy of dieters and interestingly sugar in the form fruit juices are always welcome. Recent studies indicate the good role played by fats in counteracting obesity, it also states the harmful effects of simple carbohydrates (Glucose, sucrose, etc). Simple carbohydrates activate insuline which makes us fat. One cup of grape juice contains approximately twice the amount of sugar present in coke!
So there is a need of awareness in the society about the harmful effects of sugar on the body.

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Carol B Dieter Tribe

Sports-iqgold Carol B answered the question Starting out

Balanced diet works... it is a lifestyle change. Diet's suck and end so it causes the yo-yo as you leave the diet and return to the eating habits that cause you to be over weight. Try some clean eating... it kills...

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Stacey T Dieter Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Stacey T answered the question Starting out

Thanks for your help guys :D It`ll be easier to follow a routine when I`m back in work next week. I don't know if I`ll be able to eat lots of little meals but I`ll have to really get on building exercise into each da...

Ramon F Dieter Tribe

Sports-iqgold Ramon F answered the question Starting out

The reason why most dieting plans don't work in the long run is because of the huge calorie deficits that they cause. This of course causes one to loose weight in the short run but the body starts to realize that the...

Maca P Dieter Tribe

Sports-iqgold Maca P answered the question Starting out

Instead of a diet, go for healthy eating. It needs to be a life commitment or the weight wil always come back. Once you reach your weight goal allow yourself a baby cheat (a snack you can eat in 15 minutes like crisp...

Stacey T Dieter Tribe

I`ve been on nearly every diet going. Lighter life, cabbage soup, Dukan, Atkins, Slimming world, Weight Watchers etc....  but once I reach my goal weight I always put the weight back on. I`ve yo-yo'd between 9 and 13 stone. I need help to fix my d...

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