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Disaster ... I'm injured!

If you've recently been injured, have a strain that you're worried might get worse, or have just recovered from an injury then share your tips on how to overcome it and even what you think might be wrong

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Marco C Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Sorry to hear about your injury, Jonathan. I wish you recover well soon! On top of those exercises you already do, all variations of lunges and bodyweight squats can help you get a great lower body training. Aside from that, take previous advices...

Jonathan H Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Thats a good idea, thanks!  I'm going to hold off those for another week or so-my balance is not always the best, so don't want to risk unsupported exercises until the shoulder better able to handle a bang into a wall!  :-D  Will definitley bring...

Rochelle M Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Not sure if you can manage lunges/walking lunges?  I herniated 2 discs in my neck, back in 2014, so I have a good idea how this is impinging upon your fitnees & workouts.  Good luck & hope you get back 100% recovery.

Jonathan H Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

I've recently broken my collarbone, so have spent a bit more than a week sat down, doing no exercise.  :-/

As a counter to this, I'm doing a workout of calf raises, toe raises, standing knee raises and standing hamstring curls, as they are all th...

Eoin O Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Communicatorsilver Eoin O replied to the topic Morton's neuroma

For me I went to various places but found a Physio that did Microcurrent Specific Frequency therapy. It passes a very mild electric current through the area and breaks down the scar tissue. After three treatments I was back running. I got another...

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Kevin G Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Brenda, sorry to hear about your elbow, I hope it's not stopping your triathlon plans, I can't remember the date. I wondered whether your bike settings were slightly out, but you sound like you have identified Kettle...

Karen L Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

So frustrating for you Jim but at least you seem to be on track now. I'm sure once you are properly assessed with a rehab programme in place, you'll be hitting that pull up bar in no time! Wishing you strong diagnosis & a full & speedy recovery :...

Connor M Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Contributorgold Connor M Recently fractured my elbow so can't run or cycle. Any advise welcome.


Stationary bike sounds fine! Wish you a speedy recovery!

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Kevin G Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G 10 days from first race and Achilles / Calf is really painful.
Do I keep running (14k, 4k and 5k runs left until race day), ice and rest, or do some extra calf raises / exercises, or something else? Any advice would be welcome


Alan, that's what been confusing me, one thing says carry on, the other says stop. Doing nothing for 10 days will just leave me sitting and worrying and won't prove anything either way, so going to do all the above plus go get myself a roller. I can't quite locate where the problem area is, but a roller is a great investment anyway. Thanks for your help, Eunice and Alan.

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Will do, I think it's more Achilles' tendon rather than calf. My goal was too go sub 2 hours for first time which I achieved in training a few weeks ago, sadly that may have contributed to my injury. So, goal is to get to start line, enjoy race in Paris, raise money for charity, and finish, speed and time no longer a consideration. I hope upon hope surgery will not be necessary, I will not be looking for breaking point. Great talking to you, I am feeling a lot more positive about what I am doing, cheers

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Louise B Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

it might be your posture? Either as you run or in general. I know I raise my shoulders slightly, especially when I'm tense, which has caused knots in my back. I realised what also wasn't helping is that I cross my ri...

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Maria G Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

 They often cause burning,sore pain and minor cramps. Massage helps, but the pain always comes back. It interferes with my running a lot, since wearing a sportsbra is very painful when the knots are acting up. Anybod...

Smithy . Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Sounds like a few days rest is what your upper body needs. I found doing squats was the only exercise I could do for a while  when I had broken ribs. Keep active and Good luck!

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Adi B Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Thanks, that is exactly what im doing, taking ant inflamatory drugs and cooling my elbow frequently. But, las week when in all started i had a big problem becouse i did nothing and continued training. last friday ...

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Adrian K Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

What have you been doing for it so far? I suspect I had bursitis in my shoulder last month which made all pressing movements really hurt around the collarbone and on the AC joint. I tried to ice and take ibuprofen bu...

Nikita M Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe

Contributorsilver Nikita M its been six weeks and my collarbone doesn't seem to have healed a bit according to the radiologist but i do light training cause i cant just sit around and be bored doing nothing xD

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