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Topic • 54 replies

Welcome to the Disaster ... I'm injured! Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Disaster ... I'm injured!' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introdu...

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To RUN or not to run. THAT is my question.... OK, so I know I am super green to be posting on this blog but here goes- I was in great shape...8 years ago pre kids but even then I was all about yoga and the gym. I recently did the couch to 5K program and r...


A long journey towards diagnosis and treatment

Topic • 1 reply

I picked up a shoulder injury around February 2014, I don't even remember doing it so maybe it's not an injury as such, so diagnosing the cause of the pain isn't simple. After all if I remembered the circumstances in which it was damaged it would at least g...

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So frustrating for you Jim but at least you seem to be on track now. I'm sure once you are properly assessed with a rehab programme in place, you'll be hitting that pull up bar in no time! Wishing you strong diagnosis & a full & speedy recovery :-)


Shoulder pain

Topic • 19 replies

I have done something really nasty to my shoulder... The problem is - I have no idea, what it was. I first felt some discomfort in the beginning of July. During my vacation, I had trouble sleeping on my side as I like having my hand under my head pointing u...

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No matter :)


If you are injured what exercises do you use to compensate?

Topic • 1 reply

Recently I have been restricted from running due to a case of plantar fasciitis that progressively got worse (tendon tear) and on top of that they found that I had also broken the 3rd metatarsil bone in my foot.  It's been tough and demotivating not being a...

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Swimming is great cardio work apparently, I know a lot of people, when injured, will go down to their local pool and do a few laps to keep the heart in good condition.   Should have really considered this myself once!


Sprained ankle!

Topic • 12 replies

Argh. I was just carried off the football pitch in the exact way demonstrated in the Tribe picture on the left! My studs got stuck in the ground and I rolled my ankle over. It's very painful to walk on and a bit bruised but thankfully not too swollen.  I'v...

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Rest Ice Compression Elevation


Twisted ankle on a run....

Topic • 1 reply

I went over on my ankle 2 miles into my run last night, didn't actually fall but I twisted it.  Managed to run home which wasn't much further but couldn't really of carried on.  I iced and elevated it last night and there's no swelling but it's a bit stiff...

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RICE is the best prescription for twists, sprains and strains.  That's: REST - don't use the inflamed area for a while ICE - ice it COMPRESSION - use a compression bandage ELEVATION - sit with your leg up


Again with the knee

Topic • 10 replies

Injured knee months ago running uphill on a trail on an unstable surface. It has been touch and go with what I can do since. As of right now I have ice on my  knee at the office. Did some squats and lunges and every time I lowered the left knee clicked. Com...

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Morning Lisa, just want to say good luck for the scan, hopefully you can get to the bottom of whats going on!! :) Good morning Gavin, thank you so much :) fingers crossed. Out the door in 20mins :)  Hope yours is better today, take it easy  as you can...


new "wonder" tape for muscle injuries

Topic • 8 replies

I was fairly sceptical about the effectiveness of kinesiolgy tape but am now a convert! Apparently it has something to do with wave patterns on the tape which help to relax overused muscles and support underused muscles during recovery from injury. I found...

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I usually find that if its on 'wrong' it feels wrong so I take it off and start again I learnt taping techniques from youtube or fitness websites, although me and mum both have an extensive knowledge of anatomy..perhaps if you really don't know then find so...


RICE is flawed?

Topic • 0 replies

Very interesting video:

Best and Worst injury stories - what's yours?

Topic • 2 replies

I've been pretty fortunate that I've not ever been badly injured. Though I did break my collar bone when I was 10 - not once but twice in the same week!  I had been roller skating on a half pipe - turns out I suck at that! Landed badly and cracked the coll...

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Moving on ....

Topic • 3 replies

So I am SO ready to give up.  Have been stuggling with ITB and after 7 monts of rehab, I'm still experiencing pain.  So I'm going to start my own rehab - have been doing some research on barefoot running and cycling ....hey, I've got nothing to lose! Any id...

Newest reply

Thanks for the advice and support ... I've been to a physio and a biokineticist ...still not getting back to running.  Haven't tried the supplement though ..will have a look at it.  But finally had a little breakthrough today - went to see a biokineticist...


Not allowed to exercise at all....

Topic • 0 replies

Disaster! Been rehabilitating my ITB for months ... and now have a quad injury.  They don't even know what is wrong and I'm not even allowed to rehab! SOOOOOO frustrating!!!

Brachialis muscle tear

Topic • 0 replies

Hi All Had a Brachialis muscle tear in Jan this year... I have just started to exercise from June 2nd week!! Any suggestions as to what exercises I need to keep away from. I know Biceps training is out of the picture... Push-ups don't seem to hurt much. 

IT Band Tendonitis

Topic • 1 reply

How do we deal with IT Band Tendonitis and heal from it?... Any tips?

Newest reply

Hi Dana! I have been diagnosed with ITB syndrome and have been struggling with it for 8 months now ... have been doing rehab for 5 months now.  ITB is a bugger and takes ages to fix properly! I have been to physio's to help with the immediate injury and the...


lower back pain :-(

Topic • 9 replies

Hi, After my run on Wednesday I developed a severe pain in my lower back/hip area. The pain radiates from my lower back (right hand side). There's pain on weight bearing and it's making me feel like i'm walking funny. Anyone had anything similar? Or any ide...

Newest reply

Cheers avril I am hoping to sort this out with rest and stretching work. Fingers crossed I don't need surgery. I also hope and pray that you wont need surgery!  But if you need to get an MRI they may be able to determine if it is from you back or not...  J...


Ouch... my shoulder

Topic • 0 replies

My shoulder is really bothering me today.  Just wanted to bellyache a little... nothing else to say...


Topic • 1 reply

I have weak wrists with really loose ligaments and my left one is prone to tendonitis, as I discovered during a period when it hurt to put any weight on it at all. I went to a doctor and was told I shouldn't do plank or pushups on flat hands--I have to do p...

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Strengthing the surrounding muscles appears to the the first defence to tendonitis.  There is a wealth of excercises on the internet that should get you going.  I presently am battling a tenis elbow from doing bicep curls :(  Put an end to my push ups as we...


things could be worse

Topic • 10 replies

On 17th March I was climbing as usual with one of my climbing buddies. We stretched, warmed up on the traverse wall and clipped into the auto belays to do a couple of quick easy grades as per or normal routine. We climbed beside one another on adjoining pit...

Newest reply

Ouch! Best wishes for a speedy recovery


Post Tib

Topic • 6 replies

Have apparently got Tibia Posterior pain following the weekends half marathon. Physio said ice, stengthen and stretch and it should clear up. Bit concerned as in my last two heavy milage weekes before taper for marathon. Very frustrating!! I know what I'v...

Newest reply

Thanks so much for the info Ellis. Yes you guessed correctly, a traumatic dislocation of my right patella 3 yrs ago leaves my running a bit unbalanced and I have been fitted with orthotics designed to minimise the amount the knee rolls in. I was also told...


Aqua running

Topic • 0 replies

I have an inflammed Achilles and have been told not to run or skip as pounding may cause the tendon to tear or rupture. I'm wondering whether aqua-running would be allowed, I think not, as I told my physio that I swim and she didn't suggest it. Anyone with...

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