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Dog Walkers

It's a great way to make sure you get out each day - dog walking often gets forgotten as a form of exercise, but a good brisk walk with your dog is a great way of keeping in shape and fitting in exercise during a busy day. Come rain or shine!

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Andy D Dog Walkers Tribe

I took our Irish Setter puppy out on Friday evening for her first walk on the lead in the 'big scary world' the other side of our back gate - which she wasn't keen on going through.  She spent lots of time shaking and very little time moving.  So...

Shea L Dog Walkers Tribe

Shea L my dogs 4 months old we live out on the country side so we don't really have him on a lead to much so he is out running all day and when I get home I always take him for a 2 mile walk and then he still isn't tired

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Always good to make sure your pup does know how to behave on a leash for those instances when you have to take him into (whether its for the vet, groomer, or so a friend can watch them). Sounds like he does a good job of keeping you active too though. :)

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Kevin G Dog Walkers Tribe

Maybe you should try some dog nuts, they sound marvellous :))

Sams dog had to be put down a couple of years ago, he was a standard poodle of 17 years, and yep he was definitely fitter and faster than me over short or long distances in his prime,...

Colleen O Dog Walkers Tribe

Contributorgold Colleen O If you still have last minute shopping to do for the holidays and plan on using, consider using amazon smiles. Wolfwood Refuge is nonprofit that provides a permanant home for unwanted wolves and wolf-dogs (and the occasional dog).
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Refuge. It adds up.
Signing up is easy:
1) Go to
2) In the search bar towards the bottom of the page type in: wolfwood
3) Select Wolfwood Refuge by clicking the select box on the right.
You are now linked to the Refuge via the AmazonSmile program.
PS. You must shop via for the linking to happen, not . The prices are the same either way but the donation is only done if you use

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Marylin S Dog Walkers Tribe

Contributorgold Marylin S My new puppy Lily. She is the absolute sweetest thing. She loves going for walks, she has to stop and pick up every leaf, rock, pinecone etc.


Of course she has to try and eat everything. I spend the first half of our walk taking things out of her mouth so she doesn't choke, then I have to carry her the rest of the way because she is too tired!

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J G Dog Walkers Tribe

Contributorgold J G hi all, just a quick post here - check out - it's an app for both iPhone & Android. You select a dog shelter of your choosing and then whenever you take your furbaby for a walk/run/hike/etc, you just turn it on & for every mile you log, they'll make a donation to the shelter you chose. It's a great, healthy way to help out homeless animals. These (3 dogs in the picture) are all rescues (the 2 in the background are mine & the one in the front is my mom's, who I always take along too)


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Thats super awesome! I don't have a smart phone but I'll pass this on.

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Helen L Dog Walkers Tribe

Contributorgold Helen L Newest member to the dog walkers tribe


Oh my goodness if that is not the sweetest pic:) What a beautiful dog and darling ears. What breed is that? I see friskiness in her. Stay strong Helen:) lol

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Thank you! She is a whippet and she already has me tied up in knots! I thought that our one year old grandson was hard workuntil now! Ha ha!

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