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Share everything Duathlon. This Tribe is for Duathletes of all levels, please share your experiences and knowledge.

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Alan S Duathlon Tribe

Contributorgold Alan S Signed up for my second ever duathlon today - the Spring Into Duathlon in my home town? next March. 4.8km run, 22km bike, 4.8km run. The routes will be very familiar to me - the run will be laps of the sports ground I train on regularly, and the cycle on the (closed) roads of Strathclyde Park. Should be good.

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Will you be using your same bike or planning an upgrade?


Same bike. But I do wonder whether narrower tyres might be possible and worth it. Anything to reduce rolling resistance.


Not sure, all these wheeled things confuse me.

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Donna P Duathlon Tribe

Contributorbronze Donna P A real mixed duathlon this morning. Just did my figures, 2.1k bike (2 x 1min pushups/1min sumo pulse squats) ::: 1k run (2 x 1min pushups/1min sumo pulse squats)::: 2.1k bike(2 x 1min pushups/1min sumo pulse squats):::: 3.2k run (2 x 1min pushups/1min sumo pulse squats)::: 2.1k bike(2 x 1min pushups/1min sumo pulse squats) 2.1k bike..All this and not a shred of bitumen, traffic and all within just over 4k from home..
I do this version of Duathlon 3-4 times week.. I love it, I mix it up so I don't get caught up doing the same things over and over again.. And Prefer dirt to bitumen, we are lucky enough to have the whole almost 5k of dirt road to ourselves.

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Andrea Pablo A Duathlon Tribe

Andrea Pablo A responded to the guide Brick Sessions

Thanks for the tips! For duathlon training I do a really hard workout: Stationary track intervals. Warm up 15 min on a stationary bike, follow with 400 mts at 10k pace (approx), outdoors or on a treadmill, and then the fun begins! 4 times of: 2 mi...

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Kaye D Duathlon Tribe

Although body mechanics is a science you don’t have to be a scientist to make use of it. A little understanding and application to your chosen sport means improved performance and reduced injury risk – exactly what we are all looking for. Although...

Kaye D Duathlon Tribe

Coachgold Kaye D created the guide Recovery

Recovery during cycling training is one of the most important ways to improve performance and avoid injury. There are 3 things you must always consider when in recovery after a long ride and they are; nutrition, rest and activity.



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