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Do you like to workout and train while everyone is still in bed ? Then this Tribe is for you....Whatever your sport JOIN NOW

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Sameer Ali ♥ ***EARLY MORNING TRIBE*** Tribe

haha.. first turn off ur computer and tv, lights.. then get bed.. its all upto u.. i set two alarm on ma mobile first one at 10.00 pm to get into bed and stay away from bed..  and second one at 6.00 AM to getup.. hah...

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I'm a total owl and I really don't think I'll be changing that any time soon. Almost 20 years of early school and work changed nothing :D I really hated, when I had a REALLY interesting class 8 AM in the university a...

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Contributorgold Rita P I am a morning person, but have gotten into bad habits in recent years on getting up early. So, joining this tribe and setting a goal to get up earlier again for my workouts. :) (1 of 5 goals for the rest of May) 5. Start getting up earlier for my half-marathon training (which means going to bed earlier as well)

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Barring any sleep related issues you probably need 8 hours of sleep.  Assuming a 24 hour day, assume you have 15 waking hours, The final 1 hour is for the crawling in & out of bed.  Pick what 8 hours you want for sle...


Yes you can. Everything you do in life repetitively is out of habit. Buy yourslef the loudest and most irritating alarm clock and position it far away from the bed so you are forced to leave the bed to shut it off an...

Christo B ***EARLY MORNING TRIBE*** Tribe

when it comes to getting up in the morning... it is all about getting up... when the alarm goes off jump out of bed then switch it off. thats the first step after 2 or 3 days of this (and training) you will start to...

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Hi Anne Margaret S, What work best for me is to set a clear goal and write it down. E.g I want to go to bed by 11pm and get up by 6am (7 hrs usually enough sleep). Tell yourself you are now a morning person. If yo...

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Nicole N ***EARLY MORNING TRIBE*** Tribe

Maybe start going to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier, I go through the same thing too, so try going to bed around 12 and waking up at 7, or bed at 11 and wake up at 6? You have to train your body to...

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Graham H ***EARLY MORNING TRIBE*** Tribe

Contributorgold Graham H my morning routine is the same as the get home from work routine and i only really stick to it through the week
200 situp/crunchies this is made up of sets of 50 for situps crunchies and oblique crunches
60-70 pressups - i was doing 70 morning and night but stopped for 1 week due to cold and sniffles, i still did my 20 min walk to the station and back and my hours wander at lunch oh and swimming on thursday for an hour and either 2 hrs rock climbing or juggling which i alternate on Tuesdays. so i am at around 55-65 pressups in the morning and now back up to 70 in the evening

the upshot is my morning routine before i leave the house at 6:10am is 200 situps and around 70 pressups
works for me, i get up at 5:30 so to cram any more in i am going to have to get up earlier or go to bed earlier
i would like to do a 2 miler or something one morning... cant see it happening until i change my life a little

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