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Edinburgh Marathon

This tribe is for those anyone running in the Edinburgh Marathon on 31st May 2015. Who wants some tips and encouragement for this fast, flat :-) course.

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Craig O Edinburgh Marathon Tribe

Contributorgold Craig O 3:26 : I waited 30mins for toilet, and got out just before the starting gun, so I ended up starting at the back of the pack. 7 miles from the end the wind turned became a gail force head wind.... not a good day at the office

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Craig O Edinburgh Marathon Tribe

Contributorgold Craig O Only a fortnight to go almost in taper mode. It will soon be time for the depletion diet :-(


The week before a marathon you go on the depletion diet. You are going to empty the tank of all glycogen stores find your bottom weight and run yourself ragged. Measure weight at the same time every morning and you will see your weight drop day on day. Then when your body says I'm dying feed me carbs you shovel as much down as you can stomach, by the time you get to Sunday the glycogen store is absolutely full and your muscles are stiff. Strangely this is a good sign. You will be 5-6 pounds heavier than your bottom weight from Thursday morning. Its the quality carbs that will get you through the last few miles of the race. In practice you go on the Atkins diet From Monday through Wednesday then you eat carbs for the rest of the week. On Sunday morning avoid breakfast just drink black coffee. So that your body is not digesting food as you run.


I've never heard that before, will look into it a bit further, sounds interesting.

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29th March 2015



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