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Ella's Fire Nutrition

The concept of Ella's Fire is pretty simple. It is a nutritional approach to the triangle of fire. The first part of the triangle is Oxygen, we all need it to function and without it we would not be here. The second is heat, the heat with Ella's Fire comes from the dreams and desires of both where we are and where we want to go in terms of wellness. Last is The Fuel, it's what feeds the flames and keeps the fire burning once it gets started. This is where the tribe comes in. We want to discuss and hear what drives you. What fuels you? What goals have you set? What goals are you wanting to achieve. I want this to be a hub for nutritional and wellness discussion as well as a forum for nutritional basics. We will be posting recipes, essential nutrients, as well as things that our followers feel are important. We are here to help and give Fuel to those that have the fire burning inside! As we post, please feel free to share and help Ella's Fire spread, our followers and supporters are our Fuel! Lets keep the fire burning! S.

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