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Everyone's an Expert :-(

O.K let's get some of those 'FACTS' debunked ..........

This tribe was born out of me wetting myself last night over the discussion that arose from the "FAT, FAT, WHEREFORE ART THOU FAT" blog by Mr H (@david)

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Kevin G Everyone's an Expert :-( Tribe

Thanks for your answers. I suppose what I was trying to get at is that if you take a multivitamin tablet, the RDAs are nearly 100%, sometimes over for certain categories.  It seems difficult to calculate how mu...

Russ B Everyone's an Expert :-( Tribe

'Too much' or 'too many' of anything will be 'bad' for you - it's simply the dose that makes the poison. Some vitamins e.g. Vitamin c are soluble in water, so an excess in the body will usually be excreted through th...

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15th October 2013


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