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What was the hardest thing for you to start or get back i...

Question • 2 answers

For me it has been my mental illnesses, living with my family, having alot of my things packed at the moment and being unwell lately.

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Asthma. But when I started crossfit, and would almost always end up on the floor crying in pain....after about 6 months when i was due for my pulmonary function test...and when I passed with flying colors, and made the doctors speechless with how much lung...


How many days a week do you exerise and how long each day?

Question • 8 answers

Im just trying to get back into exerising at the moment and thought I would start off with 3 days a week for at least an hour a day  and then go from there. Just wonted to know what other people were doing and how long you have been doing it for etc?

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I struggle with keeping a routine due to work and family commitments.  and, yes, I know that self-discipline is important, but it is soo hard to get up at 5am or be at the gym at 10pm -- both the only serious options.  But...when i do get into a pattern, I...


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