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A tribe for Expats the world over, from anywhere, living anywhere!

Different culture... different languages... subtleties of gesture, of accepted behaviour, word choice, "foreign" concepts, as well as things that humans share the world over... If you're an expat, you will have learned, noticed, observed all these and many, many more facets of life abroad. We are a well-rounded and worldly breed.

Share anything you'd like with this community, especially how it relates to the fitness scene you're into.

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Robyn S Expats Tribe

Born in Houston, TX, but transplanted to northern VA, right outside of Washington, DC.  Though it's all still the US, I miss home.  A lot slower paced lifestyle where I'm from, though people here are more open minded.  Give and take I guess.

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Kurt S

created the tribe

22nd September 2012



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