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Fad Diets :-)

O.K folks let's hear about all of the fad diets that you've tried.... ones that work and ones that are just plain ridiculous.

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Amanda C Fad Diets :-) Tribe

I like it when people wonder why I want to do the things I want to do over and over such as "See how many burpees I can do in x amount of time", or "How long I can do a wall squat". They don't understand the point in...

Michael H Fad Diets :-) Tribe

In my old job in the office a girl I worked with very seriously and a little condescending told me that the fruit i was eating as a snack along with the nuts/seeds and berries (they were all natural and unprocessed) where really bad for me as they...

Alan L Fad Diets :-) Tribe

Contributorgold Alan L Can't remember what this was called First thing the morning was black coffee with and egg white mixed in! Made me so ill I couldn't eat anything else the rest of the day, this was in conjunction with a meal replacement shake! Slimy Coffee diet!! Yuk

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Vylisa A Fad Diets :-) Tribe

Contributorgold Vylisa A Personally I believe that all diets are 'fads'. The ones that call for withdrawal altogether of a particular food group are, for me the worst offenders. I try, to eat clean as much as possible and if I'm sat with my salad that doesn't have to mean I'm on a diet. It means I'm eating healthily. If you're genuinely looking to lose weight, then a diet is only ever going to be a temporary solution. A permanent change in lifestyle is how you'll attain the figure or health you're hoping for. Thanks for reading my mini-rant


When I hear the word 'diet'. For me, it just means that the person who is on one, will just go back to their old ways as soon as they lost any weight. Forever going round in yo-yo weight circles. Eat well and train hard as a way of life!

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