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Watching your diet is crucial to working out and being healthy. However, what about those nasty pieces of junk food that you still crave?? Why not try my strategy which is interestingly called "FATURDAY". In other words, I save the dodgy grub until the weekend (usually a Saturday) where I basically eat what I want. Come and join and share your thoughts.

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Kevin G Faturday Tribe

The driver to this question was the 5 2 diet which allows you literally to eat what you like so long as you conform the other 5 lol, it didn't make any sense to me, so I threw out a slightly wider question. You have definite opinions which are...

Kristy O Faturday Tribe

I love this question, because so-called "cheat days" have never made any sense to me. I know you didn't call it that, but a lot of people do. I have never understood this concept because anything you put in your body is either going to benefit it...

Kevin G Faturday Tribe

In the nicest way Alan, you seem to be your own man and make your own choices which is great to read  eg barefoot, I can imagine the looks and healthcare you would have invoked lol

everybody is different and it always a pop star or actress th...

Kevin G Faturday Tribe

Similar to above, using the term 'luck' means they are 'unlucky' and that absolves them of all responsibility, blame or accountability. As in most things in life, the sheer hard work and effort that has gone into an end result is conveniently...

Kevin G Faturday Tribe

Sometimes I don't think us TSers give ourselves the credit for just how sensible and pragmatic we really are. We know ourselves and our bodies, we know what makes us tick and we act accordingly. sounds simple and easy, To us, it is.

deny a si...

Kevin G Faturday Tribe

I think the point about knowing what is in and is not in food is a great point. fresh and homemade gives control to you and I admire your great attitude. Beer rant, absolutely allowed and as I am going to Ireland next week, I will just have to...

Alan A Faturday Tribe

As with everything different styles work differently for all people........maybe.

I always thought fad diets and gimmicks were a waste of time, and have even observed how radical surgical techniques for weight loss don't even work long term.

I d...

Becky W Faturday Tribe

I just eat healthy. I try and buy everything fresh and make everything myself so I know exactly what is in it and more importantly was is NOT in it. Everything is in moderation and the majority of my dishes are vegetables and seafood. I don't real...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Faturday Tribe

I have never been a dieter, eating well has been a lifestyle that I grew up with. Growing up we didn't eat a lot of junk food, or unhealthy food, it was always available to us when ever we wanted it, but that didn't make me eat it any more or less...

Isabelle C and Amanda C encouraged this.

Kevin G Faturday Tribe

a lot of programmes suggest go having a day off to eat what you like, does that work for you or does a regular diet and healthy eating convert you to not wanting this day ?

interested to hear what people think

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