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Favorite Fitness Equipment

Share and discuss your favorite inanimate workout buddies here. Dumbbels, dvds, bosu balls, yoga mats, kettlebells. What brands give you the most bang for you buck? What are the must haves and what should you pass on?

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Paul M Favorite Fitness Equipment Tribe

Contributorgold Paul M A pair of dumbbells are the most versatile piece of fitness equipment. Can be used for any weight exercise and can increase difficulty of body weight exercises.

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Rochelle M Favorite Fitness Equipment Tribe

Just bought a TRX at the beginning of this month - really enjoying it.  Have an Equalizer that has been great for extended bench dips, tricep dips, training for pull ups & elevated push ups.  Power blocks & sandbag have been a great investment too...

Vylisa A Favorite Fitness Equipment Tribe

Just love my new kettlebells! I also have a pair of 3kg dumbbells and am waiting for the 5kg ones to be delivered, I just know I'll love them when they get here. Favourite workout clothes are my 'Join The Tribe' tee and Under Armour shorts.


Jenn B Favorite Fitness Equipment Tribe

Lets see... right now I do have some favorite fitness stuff.....I have a new bright pink & black Under Armour gym bag that my son gave me and my lululemon yoga pants and sports bra that my daughter gave me.....all Christmas presents! :o)

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