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Favourite running shoes

What shoes do you wear for running training? Which one's are your favourite and why? Which ones did you own but dislike? Share your running shoe experiences, both good and bad, with the tribe.

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Dwight W Favourite running shoes Tribe

Interesting read. One of the things the disturbed me when the "5-toe" shoes first started to hit the market was seeing a large number of folks buying them for the fad factor and just jumped into something they were not really prepared for. For yea...

Jane H Favourite running shoes Tribe

Contributorgold Jane H New Spira Stinger 2, came in the post today - early Christmas present, can't wait to take them out for a test run.


Barry, just waiting for the temperature to cool some more, then taking these babies out! They are weird looking in that there is a gap between the heel and the rest of the shoe, like a dance runner. You can see that on my right foot, which is turned out a little.

Barry Y encouraged this.

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