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Tips for other fencers to toss around on training, best way to execute moves and general keeping up to date with the larger fencing community.

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Nikki A Fencers Tribe

I have never fenced a day in my life, but have always been fascinated by it!  Now I have a 11 year old who wants to learn all sorts of old school things...learn to play the accordian and bagpipes, also learn archery and fencing!  Tells me I've don...

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Zoe S Fencers Tribe

Zoe S created the topic University Fencing.

So when a lot of people join university fencing is something they are keen on trying. Before I started uni this was a slight annoyance to me. You would check your poule sheet and as soon as you saw "university of ..." you immediately thought eithe...

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17th November 2011



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