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Fit Moms

Welcome to "Fit Moms" tribe. Being a Mom is a full time job by itsef and leave us with very little or no time for ourselves.Here we share tips on how to make time for our fitness,how we manage to colaborate Gym/trail running..etc,etc in to our schedule.Also feel free to share fitness tips and healthy recipes for all to enjoy. Have fun! :)

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Jane H Fit Moms Tribe

Look out, women are on the move. They have driven the spectacular growth in the sport of fun running in recent years, from 3 kilometres to marathon distance (42.2 kilometres), and now increasingly into the field of ultramarathons (50...

Ruth C Fit Moms Tribe

Communicatorsilver Ruth C replied to the topic Mummy Tummy. ..

My little boy is 2 years 8months and I started doing military fitness sessions/outdoor boot camp 3 times a week when he was 8 months, and lost all my baby weight and an extra 7lb. We do lots of old school body weight exercises and shuttle runs bet...

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Sheri L Fit Moms Tribe

Contributorsilver Sheri L I had a "spare tire" belly, and since I've been working out, the spare tire is looking somewhat like a "flat tire" and it is extremely unattractive and embarrassing. Is this a transitional phase? Does this vanish with continual workouts? I am really hoping that I will have a flat belly and the skin will snap into place. Anyone have any experience with that?

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I have the same problem! That extra skin is stubborn. I haven't been working out long enough to find what works. If I find anything to help with this then I'll definitely let you know. I understand what it's like to work work work and still have that issue =/ And it gets worse with weight loss. Which is also frustrating!

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Susan L Fit Moms Tribe

Communicatorbronze Susan L replied to the topic Mummy Tummy. ..

My youngest is 19 months now but after having them all my muscles sre so weak and not supporting my back properly so it makes my tummy look bigger. I just down want to have an unreasonable goal

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