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Fit Mothers

Are you a mother that has gained a few extra inches? Want to lose those inches? We want to also!!! Join us in this tribe to help support each other in this process. Lets come together to help work off the extra weight and encourage each other.

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Eliane M Fit Mothers   Tribe

Contributorsilver Eliane M The fat around the stomach is stubborn, but it gives in to the constant torcher of a workout. I've been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, ripped in 30 and just finished Body Revolution. The verdict is such as my stomach is flatter, the core stronger, THe packs are there and depending on my meals some mornings its all plat and when I have indulged on something fattier a little bump barely noticeable. So mothers keep strong there is hope. But I still prefer to look at the midsection in the morning :-) Tip: Drink lots of green tea genmaicha, oolong or simply lemon water ( warm in the morning or cold all day on hot days). Does what it supposed to do, help you shred the fat.

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Eliane M Fit Mothers   Tribe

Contributorsilver Eliane M I notice my stomach is "melting from the top and bottom toward my belly button. The side view is Ok, but the top leaves me feeling that no progress is made. Each morning when I wake up it looks smaller, I just don't like looking at it after dinner. Looks like same old. Anyone else has the same progress/ type of issue?


Saw your comment while browsing the Fit Mothers Tribe :) I´m the same, don´t like my tummy after dinner (or weighing myself in the evening). I think mornings are the best time to gauge progress. THe fat around the bellybutton I always find the most stubborn and hard to get rid of. Anyone else notice that too? Especially the Mothers out there :) I´m keeping an eye out for tips on getting back into shape :)

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Vylisa A Fit Mothers   Tribe

I cooked for my two year old with it and he enjoyed most of what was made, but you know what toddlers are like. There are always 90/10 Nutrition groups starting up on Facebook. 90/10 Nutrition is based on a green...

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Eliane M Fit Mothers   Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Eliane M answered the question hello

i'm starting with my midsection doing as many exercises that train my abs this for a month at a time. Already did 24 days with abs of steels movint to flat stomach challenge and squats and 100 crunches a day challeng...

Samantha J Fit Mothers   Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Samantha J answered the question hello

I have started a method of using the challenge search bar to look at what challenges i have committed to and complete each of them. I will type in Crunches for example and then go through and do all that i can in tha...

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Samantha J Fit Mothers   Tribe

Contributorbronze Samantha J Samantha J 5 sets of calf raises Challenge (20 calve raises on breaks between ab workouts)

1:45 plank Challenge
500 crunches in 2 days Challenge (did all today)
Do 40 situps Challenge
Tuesday Abs Challenge
250 crunches in a month Challenge (on top of 500 in one day, did both)
20 Sit ups in one go! Challenge
30 Sit ups in one go, NOW! Challenge
(I did each of these as its own challenge, I did not count anything from another challenge as part of a different one) I should have done a challenge that works the lower tummy more also. could do one for yourself to make this better.

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Bridget C Fit Mothers   Tribe

Hi Samantha :)  I had my 1st two boys close as well, 16mths apart, and now have a 3rd boy 3 yrs later.  They are 6yrs, turning 5 next week and 16mths and FULL of energy!  I started running once my baby was 10mths old and have since run 2 half mara...

Te Aroha C Fit Mothers   Tribe

One of the few report cards I've retained was my first (and only) now hormonal but still verging on cute teenage sons trimester appointment card, where at six weeks I weighed in at 63.5kg.  I've spent most of the last 16 years averaging out at 78k...

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