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Fitness Tips and Healthy Living

Hey this tribe is for the kind of people who wants a change. Join this tribe and you'll find so many tips for excercising and diet, ask questions and share your results!

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Keith S Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

Thanks for posting Loretta, I love the fact that people are realizing that they don't necessarily need to join a gym to be fit for life. Nothing wrong with the gym, I belong to one, but it is great to get out with a few friends and do some calisth...

Kevin G Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

great article Loretta, thanks for sharing. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that they are as portable as you. Indoors, outdoors, travelling, visiting there's no excuse for not being able to do them. I also think that if I put weight o...

Loretta A Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

Yep, I am sick and tired of hrearing "I want to tone up" but then they are afraid to pick up a real weight and thei argument is "I don't want to look bulky".  What do they actually thinks happens when they are "toning" up?

Loretta A Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

Sorry I didn't make it clear but I didntt write the article, I simply shared it.  If I can still find the link, I will post it as I don't want to take credit for someone else's work.  However, I am glad that you enjoyed the article :)

Amanda C Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

Loved this article Loretta and loved the way you wrote it lol...your so witty and sarcastic lol Love it! Oh but about the article it's a great read and I completely agree that bodyweight exercises should be number 1....all your facts and proofs I...

Loretta A Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Tribe

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine polls thousands of fitness pros across the world to determine what the biggest workout trends will be. Remember when Zumba took over the internet in 2012? The ACSM totally predicted that. For 201...

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