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Fitness with Your Pet

This is for pet owners out there who like to include their furry friends in their fitness regiment, no matter the pet or the type of fitness. I think it'd be great to have a place to convene and give each other ideas on what can be done together to keep our and our friend-imals's hearts healthy. :)

While you're at it, feel free to post pictures of your fabulous friends with you or in action so we can all enjoy them as well.

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Nikki R Fitness with Your Pet Tribe

Contributorgold Nikki R Mm. Been awhile since I checked into this tribe. Around New Years I had to put my best furry friend to sleep, the ones I've posted pictures off, and that was and still is quite difficult. He left a huge space to fill. Since then I've adopted a 6 yr Newfoundland from my boss. She is wonderful, not the same as the old at all, and really is NOT active at all. I don't even make it a mile with her and she is lagging behind and ready to go sprawl out. She's definitely a lounger, so it's been a bit of different mentality with her. I still miss my big guy greatly, but my new gal has helped the healing. All I have to do to exercise her usually is to toss a ball a few times in the yard or throw her pink monkey around. I hope all of you in here have been well and having a great time with your pets! Sorry for my absense, but I think you all understand.

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French Bulldogs are quite cute and usually quite personable.

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I am after a mongrel lol or an Aussie cattle dog!

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Also good choices. Gotta love the mutts too!

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30th August 2012



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