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Food and Drink Advisors

Athletes need food to enable them to perform their functions during sport. Right food and drink can help individuals to achieve better performances. However, it is often difficult to determine if products we consume are beneficial or not.

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L. D Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Inari J Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

This might be an odd question but I am trying to gain weight as my BMI says I'm underweight by a lot and I don't feel strong/healthy. I eat three good sized portions a day consisting mostly of fruit and veg. Is there anything that I could include...

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Alan A Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

If you're trying to lose weight you should decrease your intake of protein, as well as fat and carbs. Very little protein is required even when trying to build muscle or even a baby. If you are above your ideal bod...

Amanda C Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

What I have learned about weight loss is cardio is a key motivator. Running and high intensity on workouts such as HITT workouts. But along with your question about protein this is what I found for you. P...

Daniel H Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

Sports-iqgold Daniel H answered the question Candy Bars

quest protein bars are amazing, many flavours to choose from But to be honest, i eat candy, normally daily.  Sometimes I'll sit there and eat a whole bag (250 grams), or block of chocolate in one sitting.  If it f...

Abdallah U Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Abdallah U answered the question Candy Bars

    The Best Candies for Weight Loss By Melissa Sabo   Many sacrifices must be consigned when you are trying to loose weight. Most diet plans recommend little or no sugary sweets however this can be ch...

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