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Football Coaches

Calling all football coaches! Whether you've got a UEFA licence, First4Sport level 1 Badge or you just use your passion, this is the Tribe for all coaches to bring together their tips, hints and experience. Good Coaches are in integral part of any developing player's future and will be remembered for the rest of that player's career and beyond.

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Marc S Football Coaches Tribe

Communicatorbronze Marc S created the topic Wenger, In or Out?

I've posted this in the Football Players section, but was also interested in coaches' views. I was wondering what people's thoughts were on the Wenger situation at Arsenal? After the Bayern Munich game things really look desperate. It was poignant...

Julie B Football Coaches Tribe

Julie B replied to the topic Discipline in youth football

A lot of what was discussed re:parent, player & coach contract is standard issue in our youth hockey league.  As well, it is mandatory to have a parent representative that is the go-between on hot button issues between the parents and the coaches...

Julie B Football Coaches Tribe

Ok since I live in Canada (8-10 months of ice hockey per year) I coach that instead of football.  Are there any easy passing drills that anyone can think of that can be easily adapted from football/soccer to hockey?  Keep in mind that my charges a...

Nick B Football Coaches Tribe

Communicatorgold Nick B replied to the topic Discipline in youth football

I love your suggestion @cags.

This is the perennial question. The secret is to keep them engaged and have plenty of variety in the training. Inevitably they just want to play football rather than train or do drills so I have a huge pool of drill...

Cags R Football Coaches Tribe

Communicatorgold Cags R replied to the topic Discipline in youth football

Maybe you could use his army aspirations as a tool to get him to behave - rather than sitting him out get him doing military bootcamp style discipline - push ups etc. Might get him to calm down and helps his fitness as well!

Adrian K Football Coaches Tribe

Communicatorgold Adrian K replied to the topic Discipline in youth football

The kid sounds nuts, he's still a kid.. Not sure how I'd handle it tbh, find it difficult to relate to kids in my 20's, little brother is difficult enough sometimes. 

The age groups probably don't help if he feels like he has outgrown and outperf...

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