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Former Couch Potatoes - Addicted to Exercise.

Any Former Couch Potato now addicted to exercise? Enjoying any form exercise to the point of distraction? Join this tribe, share tips, ask questions, share results and even post before and after photographs!

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Kevin G Former Couch Potatoes - Addicted to Exercise. Tribe

Retired a couple of years ago and decided fitness and health was my goal after 35 years of office work. took up running and 1 marathon 25 half marathons later, I am adding cycling and swimming to my training, and have pains to priove it. Go to gym...

Alan L Former Couch Potatoes - Addicted to Exercise. Tribe

I Know the feeling! I tore a muscle in my forearm and couldn't do too much upper body for months! Hence my legs are in the best shape they have ever been! I will catch soon starting to do more with my arm after several months of recovery! My perso...

Alan L Former Couch Potatoes - Addicted to Exercise. Tribe

Welcome to this tribe, i actually should have called this tribe "Make any excuse to go anywhere, but gym tribe!" I Love the Gym so much that i have to force myself sometimes to take a rest day! Started enjoying running on the treadmill and on the...

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Russ B Former Couch Potatoes - Addicted to Exercise. Tribe

Hi all,

Perfect tribe for me! I used to get in from work shortly before the kids' bedtime, so once they were packed away I'd crash on the couch and veg in front of any mindless pap on the telly. Now I'm spending the same time each night on this s...

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Tribe creator

Alan L

created the tribe

12th June 2013


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