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Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.

Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.
This tribe is for those struggling with breakouts. Here we can share skincare tips, recommend products, homemade skincare recipes and much more to help defeat those breakouts! If you have questions ask! Someone is bound to have an answer somewhere!!!!

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Joanna G Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.  Tribe

i have done the vitamin e oil...for my scars (takes time but it works) on my face i use st. ives blemish control apricot scrub twice a week to keep the breakouts at bay i use timewise facial bar (mary kay) for everyd...

Barbara M Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.  Tribe

Olive oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can soften the skin and reduce redness. For treating eczema scars you need to use extra virgin olive oil only. Directly apply extra virgin olive oil onto the s...

Kara A Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.  Tribe

For the dryness try Jojoba oil.  Just make sure to use just a tiny bit and spread it on very thinly with a cotton ball and not your fingers.  Do it just after you shower or wash you face.  It has less chance than a l...

Colleen O Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.  Tribe

Lotion with vitamin E or actual scar removal cream. However, depending on your skin type, adding more moisture to your skin could increase the acne... A dermatologist might be able to perscribe something if its worse...

Kandice K Fresh Body, Fresh Skin.  Tribe

Hi guys! Welcome to the Fresh Body, Fresh Skin tribe

I wanted to start out by saying thanks to Stacey B from the GYMING TRIBE-WOMEN ONLY tribe for giving me the inspiration for this tribe. WE NEED IT!!!

We need this tribe on here becuase this ha...

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Tribe creator

Kandice K

created the tribe

8th November 2012



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