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Functional training

As triathletes we dont have much time to get all that training in, so a gym session has got to have great value. Functional training allows you to develop strength in a way that is more intuitive and linked to the sports you do.

Examples of functional movements, one leg squat, woodchop and other compound movements

Share you favourite moves and discuss there merits!

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Adrian K Functional training Tribe

Interestingly regarding the bench press every rugby player that I have ever known has always spent a lot of their training in the gym on the bench press (in addition to squats, lunges, deadlifts and other exercises) - As well as all of the spr...

Chris F Functional training Tribe

Functional Training is about conditioning and strengthening movement patterns that you use either in daily life or in your chosen activity/sport.

What is functional for one person might not be for another. A bench press for example is probably on...

Nicola Jane H Functional training Tribe

I think the 'fun' bit of functional is key. Functional training needs to transfer to performance and/or wellbeing and should be enjoyable so people keep at it.

In my opinion, mobility and flexibility is a huge part of functional training. Without...

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Daniel H Functional training Tribe

Nope! not at all :)

sure if they're heavy like weighted leg raises, or very heavy weighed crunches is going to add thickness to your core if you play rugby etc and dont want to be snapped like a twig.  But doing 200 sit ups and 200 crunches,...

Daniel H Functional training Tribe

Weight lifting is fine for teens.  You show me reputed studies with real evidence linking permanent injury or growth issues with teenagers who have had strength training.

Also, i refuse to accept Parkour as a sport.  Much like i don't accept...

Adrian K Functional training Tribe

Naturally I'm going to be biased but I honestly think that weightlifting (olympic) and gymnastics are the most functional ways to train for multiple sports and life in general. (Alongside actually playing those sports in question). 

The core stre...

Ramon F Functional training Tribe

You can even do it at home if you have the equipment, just get a list of the WODs. I don't have weights since I only do calisthenics but still do some of the WODs that don't require any weights. BTw, check out this...

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Rachel F Functional training Tribe

Just do it. Most places will let you try it out for free, before doing an intro course so you have all the movements down before joining in with the rest of the group.

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Diane D Functional training Tribe

Thanks for the answers guys!  Am used to plyometric exercises so Crossfit sounds a good bet - I might try out the local class now :)

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Tony P Functional training Tribe

Diane, If you're interested, you can check out the following web sites:  This is my affiliate from my time spent at Ft. Knox.  The site offers daily WODs, instructional videos, and opti...

Shane D Functional training Tribe

I've done some for my work and yes, they are generally short(er) workouts but are pretty intense. The philosophy seems to be intense work periods with short rests in between. It really builds muscular endurance and g...

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Diane D Functional training Tribe

Thanks Monica!  It's only just hit the UK relatively recently.  There's a new CrossFit programme in my town now so I might look into trying one of the classes :)

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Monica S Functional training Tribe

I have wanted to join the local crossfit gym, but it does not fit into my schedule. I do know two crossfit trainers one started before her pregnancy and worked right on through. The both are amazing. It has huge foll...

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