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Garmin Connect Users

Garmin Devices have changed the way we track our exercise... once you have been using one for a while you are lost without it.

You can map your runs onto Google Earth, onto your blog or just keep track.

This tribe is here to share runs, information about how to get more out of both your device and out of Garmin Connect.

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Vaunette C Garmin Connect Users Tribe

I have the 620, which is a touch screen and I love it! It's pretty accurate and easy to use. I can set it for running or cycling and you can use a HRM with it as well. Prior to the 620 I had the 310XT and really liked...

Soraya H Garmin Connect Users Tribe

Hi all, 

I am about to purchase a new Garmin can't decide between the 220 and 620, any advice would be appreciated, is the 620 with all the extra features worth the money ?. I currently use the 305 which has the bike function but I mainly run 4-5...

Paul M Garmin Connect Users Tribe

I have a Forerunner 110 Phil, and have just synced tonight through Garmin Express on Mac with no problem on new version of Garmin Connect. Not much help I know, but the apps and site seem fine.

Andy D Garmin Connect Users Tribe

Contributorgold Andy D Had a Garmin 200 on my bike for a little under 6 months now. It has all the functions I like - I'm not that bothered about accurate measurement of calories burned. Done over 4000 miles in that time, and, like Justeene saida few months ago, the graphs on the Garmin Connect site are great to look at. Will be interesting to see how my average speed on my rides changes as the weather changes for the winter.


Went for a ride yesterday morning. Garmin showed decent charge. Switched it off at the end of the ride, then took it to work for the commute home. Pressed the 'on' button. Nothing. Plugged in to laptop to charge it. Nothing. Pressed the little reset button on the back. Nothing. Had it for less than one year so was ready to send it back. Thought I'd give it another go this morning and it switched on but said the battery was low. Weird. Charged it for an hour and it's back to 50%. Will have to see if it works on tonight's commute but it's stunted my confidence in it a little. Anybody else had odd issues with their Garmin Edge?

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Justeene H Garmin Connect Users Tribe

Contributorgold Justeene H Just bought the 620 and it really does have all the stats.......What they mean is beyond me but I love looking at graphs ;-)


I love the graphs too! It is all about the numbers! My partner is a University Lecturer in Statistics and he is making me worse if that is possible :) enjoy

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Jane H Garmin Connect Users Tribe

I just started using a 610, and have to export it as a GPX file, which is double handling, quicker really to manually upload run or bike ride, which is disappointing and frustrating. The only benefit of the GPX file...

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