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Get fit without joining a gym

For some reason, our society seems to associate getting fit with joining a gym. Lots of people pay significant amounts of money every month to do something on a treadmill that they could just as easily do in the park. It is more difficult, however, to do strength exercises with no dedicated equipment.

This tribe is for people to swap tips and ideas on how to exercise without spending lots of money. It might involve buying some cheap equipment for the home or office, using items that you have already, or doing exercises like press-ups and crunches, that don't need any equipment at all.

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Charlotte C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Contributorgold Charlotte C I'm in the process of building a complete crossfit gym in my garage. I have a squat rack, an olynmpic bar, and a set of bumper plates and I run for cardio. It was a pretty big investment (roughly 2500 $CAD), but I have more freedom on when I workout and for how long that at the gym. I will slowly add more stuff!

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Loretta A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Hi Hannah,  I liked this challenge Not just because I created it, I seen it on FitnessRX and it was a change from my routine.  I am still throwing it in every so o...

Christopher E Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Sine you are already here in the tribesports community I would say to do the tribesports app, but you can also try workout trainer by skimble app for a lot of workouts and depending on how hardcore you are maybe freel...

Marco C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Hello Bronte! I'm sure there are a lot of apps like that on the web, although the only ones I know best are Madbarz and Tribesports itself... You can do circuit workouts, log and check your progress, etc... Happy trai...

Bronte C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Hi all, I am moving away and have started to workout at home with my sister, we are on a get fit drive and know we will fall off the wagon if we aren't competing with each other! Do you know of any apps which lead you through a 'class' and can the...

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12th January 2011



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