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Get good guns

Good arm muscles are the easiest way to identify someone who does weight training. This tribe is for people to swap tips on arm exercises to increase arm muscle bulk and tone. Share your bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises, and help your fellow tribe members get good guns.

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Colleen O Get good guns Tribe

Contributorgold Colleen O So for those of you who have increased your arm muscle mass. Have you had to let out any articles of clothing? I have a nice jacket that I bought post surgery so I had no muscles. Now my shoulders are bigger (same waist) but I'm worried it will ruin the jacket. I've had clothes taken in but never out.

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Alan A Get good guns Tribe

As I'm older (over 60) I've lost plenty of cartilage and I increase reps and sets rather than weight.

I'm curling a dumbel that is 43.3% my body weight, but to keep it productive doing 20 reps per set at least three sets three times per week.


Dave W Get good guns Tribe

My best tips on developing arm size is simple! I learned these ideas in a mere 18 years (!)....

1. Even HUGE arms represent a small muscle group - train them like small muscles (i.e don't do very high reps)

2. We are not pro bodybuilders - do no...

Julien P Get good guns Tribe

Contributorbronze Julien P Here's what I'm talking about! A tribe for the guns. I wish my arms were bigger, at my height it's hard to have my guns respected as much as the work I put on them. Well I'm glad there is somewhere people gets encouragements for it.

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15th March 2011



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