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Getting the kids off the Couch

We need to get out, get moving and have as much fun together as family and friends Children's activities in the UK ( at least) are curtailed so much these days. Let's swop hints and tips on what works for you and get those sp[rogs away from the kinect/wii/pc and connected with their bodies and the outside world!

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Terry K Getting the kids off the Couch Tribe

Introduce her to TS and show her how the rankings, medals and challenges work. If she chooses some sports that she interested in and takes a few easy challenges, it may motivate her to do a bit more. What sports d...

Mariah H Getting the kids off the Couch Tribe

Communicatorbronze Mariah H replied to the topic Kids Marathon

The marathon I am running in September also has a kid's marathon and I think it is a wonderful idea! They basically have to run 25 miles over the course of the summer and then run the final 1.2 miles with all the other kids participating. I think...

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