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Gluten Free

This is a tribe for people to gather who either have gluten insensitivity, have celiac disease, or want to or have already cut out gluten from their diet. It is a place to share ideas and recipes, share experiences, as well as to motivate others who are struggling to maintain a gluten-free diet.

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Katrina P Gluten Free Tribe

Contributorgold Katrina P Hey guys!
I was in the kitchen this morning baking some Carrot Almond Muffins and thought I would share a pic. They turned out amazing! :) If anyone is interested, I would totally recommend this gluten-free cookbook for some awesome recipes. It's called Nourishing Meals by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre.
I actually received this cookbook as a gift from my sister (@xinawood). If anyone has this book, let me know if you've tried any of the recipes. Also, please share if you know of any other great GF cookbooks! :)
- Katrina


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Randy G Gluten Free Tribe

Contributorgold Randy G Hello Everyone, I'm just started a gluten-free diet a month ago. WOW, I feel a big difference already but I sometimes fall back into bad habits and then pay dearly for them later on. I'm on a slow pilgrimage to get on a clean, vegan diet and lifestyle. I looking forward to getting some helpful information. Thanks in advance.

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Melissa M Gluten Free Tribe

Contributorgold Melissa M Hey Yall, I am joining this tribe as I am 3 weeks into a gluten free diet and can feel the difference already. After taking a candida cleanse to rid my guts of yeast, I have noticed a massive improvement in my joint pain, bloating and skin.The biggest change was the amount of energy I have and an end to my massive sugar cravings. There was no real reason for me starting this process beyond wanting to improve my health and turn towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. My end goal is to try and convert to eating only whole organic foods and using natural hair, beauty and cleaning products. Something I am working at slowly over time. I am going back to basics.

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Anna M Gluten Free Tribe

Contributorbronze Anna M Hello everyone, I joined this tribe as a way to help me start a gluten-free diet to help with my psoriasis problem and of course, to help me lost weight.

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Stevie C Gluten Free Tribe

Stevie C created the topic Why it's so hard....

Let's face it wheat is yummy, and when I lived alone it was super easy, now i have moved in with a family of i came home to orange alomnd cookies with a homemade nutella filling (SERIOUSLY-no 13 year old should be allowed to make th...

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17th August 2012



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