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Gym Rats

Is the gym your second home? Are you new to weight lifting? Are you uncomfortable being the new person in the free weights section? I've been there, done that, and currently am a Gym Rat. I invite other Gym Rats and aspiring Gym Rats to join the journey to health and fitness. Share tips, ask questions, and share your progress with us!

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Amanda C Gym Rats Tribe

11 Things That Happen the First Time You Go to a GymIt's all fun and games until you actually walk through the double doors.

The thought of heading to the gym for the first time can be glamorous. In your mind, it's all about cute workout cl...

Kevin G Gym Rats Tribe

Oh dear, i can understand that putting you off for a long while :)). Maybe its time to find a segregated men and womens areas in a gym. Strangely though, the female only section is never used, samer equipment, why is that ladies?

Kristin B Gym Rats Tribe

LOL Amanda!  A few that I would add. The person wearing a bottle of cologne or perfume that works out next to you or even in the same room. ICK! The worst one I remember was the "lurking" male who spends the entire workout staring at you like a de...

Kristin B Gym Rats Tribe

Contributorgold Kristin B I am joining a gym this week and after seeing all the posts regarding "the 11 worst things that can happen at the gym" I figured I should join the tribe. Have not been to the gym in forever, but want to focus on strength training for awhile and even decided to work with a personal trainer in the coming months. The gym I joined has a limit on the amount of people who can join. There focus is on bodybuilding. Didn't see any females there when I visited, just a bunch of really big men. Oh well, I don't care as long as I enjoy it. Liked the vibe of the place and everyone was friendly. Score! (I

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Amanda C Gym Rats Tribe

You show up ready to work out like a champ. And then this happens…

  1. After weeks of short-circuiting, your earbuds finally conk out.
  2. The only free elliptical is next to a girl yapping on her cell.
  3. Apparently, no one in your yoga class owns deod...
Amanda C Gym Rats Tribe

You show up ready to work out like a champ. And then this happens…

We generally like to think that no wrong can come from an awesome workout. But on those rare occasions when the universe seems to be totally against you, an innocent trip to the...

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