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Gymnastics for anyone

This is the tribe for any beginner gymnasts! I'll teach you how to do things from the splits to back handsprings! Join and unleash the gymnast in you.

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Calista J Gymnastics for anyone Tribe

Contributorbronze Calista J Welcome Prrasana! I hope I can help you become an elastic band again! If anyone wants to tell us a bit about themselves, don't be shy! We're all nice people here. So how are you guys doing with getting your splits all the way down? Maybe upload some pics is I can see how far you are. I'm going to make a back flexibility video but just so you know, my back isn't very flexible but I have seen some improvements. I have a very important question for you guys. Should I start a youtube channel? Then it would be easier to make tutorials. It all depends on you guys though. See you next time guys!

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Calista J Gymnastics for anyone Tribe

Contributorbronze Calista J Hey guys! I can't believe this tribe has 3 users (including me) already! In my opinion that's amazing for the second day. I am currently working on guides for flexibility for your legs and back and I'll try getting th out by Friday or Saturday.

Since Vickie has introduced herself, I think I should too. My name is Calista but you can just call me Cal or Calis. I am 13 (almost 14) and a level 3 gymnast. I am also a home gymnast so I teach myself gymnastics. I also do ballet (but I'm not very good at it). The only thing I'm probably best at in sports is flexibility. My arm strength is so weak, when I do a GIRL pushup, I collapse... I know. My arms are weaker than noodles. Hopefully I'll get stronger so my roundoffs and cartwheels improve.
I can't wait to start making those guides but for now you guys will have to be patient!

P.S sorry for the long post! Hopefully I didn't bore you to death!


Nice to meet you Calista! Upper body strength will come in time :) How do you like swimming? It's a really good way of building up some arm strength, and because it's non-weight bearing there's no impact on your joints. Plus it's a great way of boosting CV health :)

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Victoria S Gymnastics for anyone Tribe

Hi, I'm Vickie. 22-year-old student, pretty active - I run and play a lot of netball, used to be a very high-standard competitive swimmer. I'm ridiculously unflexible so hoping that this tribe will provide tips and challenges to help with this.


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Calista J

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10th February 2014



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