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Half Marathon Tribe

I was going to post some information about booking for a popular half marathon becoming available today but could not find a half marathon tribe. So here it is!
Post all your info, dates, results and photos here as well as training tips and questions.

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Jane M Half Marathon Tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Jane M Hi everyone, glad I found this tribe :) My first half marathon is in Blackpool in April and my longest run to date is 11 miles. I run 5 and 10k's, mixing up training with occasional intervals, tempo runs and hill repeats, with 30 miles a week walking the dogs thrown in. I hope I've done enough, the long runs seem ok - just taking them slowly at conversational pace and bringing a friend to chat to. That way the miles seem to roll by without us even noticing them I have only done 4 runs so far of 8 miles or more though.


That's a great time for a first half! Congratulations! Too bad about the rain, but with only 3.1m to go - no place but forward.

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Congrats to your friend, too, for running even though just getting over an illness. I just realized that I didn't tell you about chafing. I hope that someone told you to wear some BodyGlide.

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Chafing never happened, I'm glad to say. A blister on my toe did, for the first time whilst running. I'm putting that down to the shoes getting soaked. Hopefully!

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Stephen C Half Marathon Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Stephen C Really good article for everyone: 4 Fueling Mistakes to Avoid During Marathon Training


You are very welcome Tony - have a great week :-)

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Joanna G Half Marathon Tribe Tribe

remember nothing new....get your plan together...what you're for race...where it is (if you need directions) how much time you need to be there in advance if you haven't picked up your packet and to warm up...rem...

Jane H Half Marathon Tribe Tribe

Hi Nelson, I would go back to week1, see how I felt, then pick up week 3. Listen carefully to how you are feeling then perhaps short track the program so it does fit within the 9 week window before the half marathon...

Ricci R Half Marathon Tribe Tribe

Stattogold Ricci R logged 11.0 km of Running in 1:10:40
It was the 23k.... but they timed it for the 1/2 as well, it was 2:09 is that still cool??

20160211082501-joannag2 it was smudging over still ran it and technically it was 13.1 and the officials called it a it counts

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